Clinical monitoring is an essential instrument for controlling the quality of clinical studies

Our clinical research associates (CRAs) are there to help you keep a firm grasp on the regulatory requirements for clinical studies

When you start a clinical study, you need a clinical monitoring system – not only to ensure that the rights and safety of the patients are observed, but also to safeguard the integrity of the data that are collected in the course of the study. What’s more, an important aspect for you as the sponsor of the clinical study is that the study is carried out at the study site in compliance with all regulatory requirements, the study protocol, and the GCP (Good Clinical Practice) regulations. This is where you need experienced, confident, and pragmatically minded monitors.

Take advantage of our strong network of experienced clinical monitors

Our clinical research associates (CRAs) have a keen sense of how to combine an excellent concept of quality control at the study site with a programme of cooperative support services for the study site team – this applies for relatively small and larger-scale study projects alike. At your request, we’re there to monitor national and larger European clinical studies onsite and/or remotely, deploying experts within our broad network of experienced monitors.

Good clinical monitoring needs people with excellent communication skills

Does this scenario sound familiar? From the expertise viewpoint, the team at the study site is ideally equipped, everyone is motivated – but nevertheless bugs creep in that are due not least to flawed communication. Our clinical monitors don’t merely help you to discover these bugs, but also – in close cooperation with the sponsor and the study site team – to prevent them from recurring in the future. Besides investing our technical competence, a special aim of ours is to foster a positive mood within the team. Forschungsdock CRO's CRAs identify and serve both the sponsor’s specific requirements as well as those of the clinical investigator and the study site team, and thus secure the quality of your clinical study.

Your benefits

  • Consistent quality control and support of your study sites
  • Flexible monitoring of national and European studies, onsite and remote
  • High security for the quality of your studies thanks to our strong network of CRAs

How can we support you in the monitoring of your clinical studies?

Call Kirstin Steffen directly on +49 (0) 1520 921 96 38 or write us an email.

How can we support you in the monitoring of your clinical studies?

Call Kirstin Steffen directly right now or write us an email.