Professional project management is essential for the success of your clinical studies

You’re planning to start your clinical study and need experienced and pragmati­cally minded project managers? Take advantage of our strengths to help you sleep better.

If you’re intending to conduct a clinical study successfully, there are a considerable number of administrative aspects that need to be prepared, coordinated, and syn­chronized by the project management team. A professional project management process is of decisive importance for the effective control of the quality, time schedule, and costs of your clinical study. If you’re looking for an experienced, motivated, and pragmatically minded project management team that you can rely on in all stages of your clinical study, then it’s time that we arrange to meet up.

Our project management team will guide you safely through your clinical studies

As the sponsor of a clinical study, it’s of vital importance that you keep close track of its progress at all times and ensure that all quality requirements, regulations, time schedules, and budgets are adhered to. This is exactly what our experienced project management team does for you: we give you competent advice on how to set up the studies, and are also glad to lend a helping hand in the various aspects involved, for instance in the submission of your clinical study for approval by regulatory agencies and ethical committees. 

From the selection of appropriate trial sites all the way through to the completion of the study, we consistently implement stringent quality-control procedures to ensure that the study complies with all statutory requirements. With continuous status updates, our project management team keeps you, the sponsor of the clinical study, constantly informed on its progress at all stages.

Elementary for your clinical studies: risk management and oversight

Depending on the scope of your project, we manage your clinical study with our own personnel or act on your behalf to ensure the "sponsor oversight", in other words the guidance and monitoring of cooperation partners. At your wish, we can also help in the selection of these cooperation partners.

The risk-based preparation and conduct of your clinical study must meet up to the current standards. Make use of our competence in the area of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) for the implementation of the requirements in the risk management of your study.

Your benefits

  • Time schedules and budgets are adhered to and deviations are avoided
  • You’re constantly pro-actively updated on the study status
  • Communication within the study team is smooth

How can we support you in the project management of your clinical studies?

Call Dr Doris Greiling directly right now or write us an email.

How can we support you in the project management of your clinical studies?

Call Dr Doris Greiling directly on +49 (0) 1520 921 96 49 or write us an email.