Learning can be fun - with our eLearnings

If you like to learn independently and in individual stages, then our modern, interactive eLearnings are ideal for you! Even without instructors, we address you directly, let you complete tasks and present information in a varied way. We want you to enjoy your eLearning!

Our courses have been developed by experts and are offered in a validated electronic learning environment - accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You can interrupt at any time and resume the eLearning later at the same point.

Please pay attention to the color code! Blue-coded courses are especially suitable for doctors and study staff, orange-coded courses for sponsors, CROs, freelancers, and turquoise-coded courses for anyone interested. With the category selection you can additionally sort our eLearnings according to your interests and requirements.

We offer our courses in German and English! In the course description you can see whether your selected course is bilingual or available in one language (English or German). If you choose a bilingual course, you can choose the language that suits you better. You will receive the final certificate in the language you have chosen.

Good to know: We are happy to offer our eLearnings at special rates if you purchase a large number of licences.

The General Terms and Conditions of Forschungsdock Akademie GmbH apply to our eLearnings.